Group Training

Law Enforcement Media Relations & Social Media Training

(Friday, May 17, 2019)

The next in our series of highly interactive, 8-hour training workshops for anyone in law enforcement who works with the news media interactions or manages social media will be in the Chicago area. It’s presented by an Emmy award-winning former reporter and a Chicago-area police chief both of whom have extensive police media relations and hands-on practitioner experience. Law enforcement media consultant Julie Parker ( and Chief Christopher Mannino ( will provide crucial insights from both the media and law enforcement side of the communication process.

“It was truly one of the best classes that I have taken.” – Sgt. R. Lewis, Fairfax City Police Dept., 24-year veteran

This fast-paced course addresses the downside of social media and how to navigate the negativity inherent in on-line interactions, how to better engage your audience on social media, how to promote your agency to get the positive press we all seek, and offer legal considerations regarding social media. Additionally, this workshop offers advanced techniques in preparing for and dealing with traditional media. Mock news conferences with a working journalist/videographer and professional and peer feedback will boost your on-camera skills and confidence and help prepare you for challenging media questions and to further enhance your agency’s reputation.

“It was my first-ever work conference – and such a great experience. We’re already trying to implement some of the suggestions in our most recent social media posts.” – Amy Vu, Richmond Police Dept., PIO

Lunch and parking are provided. Group rates are available upon request. Seating is limited!


Media Relations: Best Practices for Law Enforcement

(April 27, 2018)

This training event is for civilian law enforcement public information officers or sworn officers who will serve as a PIO now or in the future. It’s designed to showcase nationally-recognized media relations best practices regarding managing a complex, critical incident in today’s light-speed media landscape. Participants will learn how to manage a crisis with accuracy, speed and transparency using social media to effectively communicate with their community and the traditional media. Julie Parker, a former DC television news reporter turned police department media relations director, will detail ways to create and foster strong, mutually beneficial relationships with members of the media who cover your agency. Navigating your agency’s digital brand with confidence once it’s gone viral during a crisis, for either good news or negative news, will be a key focus of the course. We’ll examine how to respond, when to respond, and to whom to respond in the midst of a social media emergency.

Course Objectives:

  • Share media relations best practices during a crisis
  • Explain how to use social media as a form of crisis communications
  • Provide an inside look at how newsrooms and reporters operate and their
    expectations of law enforcement leaders and PIOs in a crisis
  • Guidelines for managing a social media firestorm involving a crisis and/or your

Social Media Strategies for Positive Public Relations

(March 15, 2018)

This Media Matters full-day class will focus on social media and is geared toward public information officers and media and communications specialists whose job it is to generate traditional media coverage to promote their agency, company or non-profit. You’ll leave this interactive, engaging course feeling more confident in your skills and storytelling.

Media Matters:
PIO Power Training Course Taught by a Media Expert

(September 28, 2017)

Are you a new public information officer (PIO) struggling to learn a high-profile position as you go? Have you been on the job for some time, but are concerned by the fast-paced and unpredictable nature of today’s media landscape? Do you wonder if your on-the-job training may not suffice if you’re presented with a high-stakes crisis?

Allow a seasoned media professional to help. Julie Parker will lead this full-day training session aimed at building a spokesperson’s confidence and enhancing his or her ability to predict how the media may handle a story and to respond accordingly. This new PIO training course is part of Julie Parker Communication’s “Media Matters” series. The hands- on session will put you in the spotlight, but in a friendly environment – where everyone plays a role in learning media relations best practices. You will work in groups to prepare for mock news conferences and get “grilled” by a former and current working Washington, DC, journalist.

Additionally, you’ll watch and learn from one of the most media savvy law enforcement leaders in the nation. Chief David Mitchell will spend a portion of the day sharing his experiences with reporters over his more-than four decades in the policing profession and take his turn at the mic for an impromptu faux news conference.

Julie Parker is a former reporter in Washington, DC who covered assignments such as the September 11th attacks and the Beltway Sniper. In 2011, she harnessed the skills and relationships she gained as a journalist and transferred them to the other side of the crime tape and began a career in communications. She’s a nationally recognized expert in crisis communications, social media and media relations best practices:

WHO: Julie Parker, President/CEO, Julie Parker Communications
Chief David Mitchell, University of Maryland College Park Police Department