• Hiding and hoping is not a PR srategy

Hiding and hoping is not a PR strategy

September 3rd, 2019|0 Comments

Written by Julie Parker for Police Chief Online Among the greatest pressures weighing on law enforcement leadership today is one that barely even registered on the radar just a few decades ago—the threat of negative [...]

“Julie is the consummate professional and the best crisis communications leader with whom I have worked.”

Chief David Mitchell, University of Maryland Police Department
“She is a tenacious professional with great attention to detail. As a reporter, she was known for her breaking news skills and flawless presentation of numerous local and national news stories. She is a true winner with her eyes on the prize to be a success at everything she does.”
“Julie is now the ‘go-to’ communications expert for public safety organizations. Her ability to handle crisis communications, and her evolving and innovative communications strategies, are the standard by which everyone in public safety is now measured.”